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Welcome to IHS-HS!

September 8th 2016 is our first day of school.  Classes will begin at 8:40 and end at 3:00. Students should enter via the entrance on 50th ave, and proceed to the 4th floor.

Rosters and schedules will be posted at the top of the stairs.

We still have room for new 9th grade students!

For questions, please call us at 718-595-8600

At IHS for Health Sciences, students will be prepared for college and health careers.

Teachers use collaborative, project-based units to integrate English language development with content knowledge. Partnerships formed with local clinics, hospitals and health care facilities will offer students workplace settings to apply the lessons learned in the classroom. Students learn health care skills, develop strong work habits, and grow in English language fluency both in and outside the school.  By graduation, each student builds a portfolio of workplace experiences and compiles a network of professional contacts.