Depoo, Verjanand


1. What is you job experiences and professional affiliations?

I have a total of 15 years teaching experience at both the high school and tertiary level. I have taught GED classed, US History, Global Studies, Economics, ELA, and Algebra. In addition, I worked in private industry for 16 years as a manager and Director of Business Development.

2. Where did you obtain your undergraduate and graduate degrees?

I have a bachelors degree from Rutgers University, an MBA from University of Maryland, and Masters of Science in Education from Long Island University.

3. Which country did you come from?

I immigrated with my family to the US from Guyana in 1974.

4. What are your hobbies and passion?

My hobbies are cooking for my family and keeping up to date on the latest world events. I am a confirmed cable news junkie.

5. Why did you choose to work at IHS-HS?

I chose to work at IHS-HS as I wanted to a part of the wonderful work that was happening here.









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